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Article • March 31, 2017

Listen Up: The Webbys is Launching a Podcast

Listen in as we talk with the makers and shapers of the internet

Podcasts, so hot right now.

Speaking of… we’re excited to announce that The Webbys has launched a brand new podcast.

The Webby Podcast is a weekly show celebrating the people and phenomena that make the Internet amazing. You’ll hear from awesome Webby Winners and internet innovators, in conversation with Webby Executive Director David-Michel Davies, discussing all manner of topics—from how data saves lives, to Al Gore’s real role in the Internet’s creation, and beyond.

And the good news is, the first three episodes are LIVE. Listen to David-Michel’s conversation with the Co-Inventor of the Internet, Vint Cerf; as well as the Founder of Crisis Text Line and former CEO, Nancy Lublin; and Gimlet Media’s Alex Blumberg and Matt Lieber.

Listen and subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play Music, and wherever you get your podcasts. Or stream it directly on Soundcloud.