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Article • April 20, 2017

Send Invites and Get RSVPs via Text Message

The Hobnob app lets you send invites to friends and receive responses via text message

Your friends do many things for you, like buy you drinks on your birthday, or support your hat choices. They just won’t respond to your Facebook invites.

Ugh. Here’s what you do: Make an event on Hobnob, and send out text message invites directly to your friends.

Start by creating an event. Enter the basic info (title, location, time, etc.) and then choose a theme, upload a photo of your own to use, or combine your photo with one of the preloaded themes to customize your event. Once you’ve set it up, choose your contacts and send SMS invites.

They don’t need the app to reply—all it takes is a simple “yes” or “no” response. Hobnob can also send out automatic follow ups and driving directions, and if your guests do have the app, you can chat with them and share event photos all in one place.

Time to party.