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Article • May 31, 2017

Learn to Meditate with This App

Stop, Breathe & Think delivers guided meditation courses right to your phone or desktop

When stress strikes, what do you do? Sweat profusely? Toss your computer out the window? No, you grab the Webby-winning Stop, Breathe & Think app: It’ll help you de-stress wherever you are.

Pull up the app (there’s also a web version), and read through the meditation guide to learn the basics. Then do a self check-in to describe your mental, emotional, and physical state, and SBT will recommend a meditation session for you.

You can also choose from a list of audio and video guides for meditation, acupressure, and more, and set reminders to meditate. After you complete a session, give feedback and SBT will chart it out, so you can see how your moods change over time.

Put down the computer; step away from the window. Stop, Breathe & Think makes meditation into a practical, everyday technique to help you chill out when you need to most.

Aaaaaaah, that’s better.