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Article • June 7, 2017

Watch Great Mini Documentaries on Your Phone or Desktop

Get a curated selection of documentaries and videos to watch with Great Big Story

Oh no. Here comes Todd again, about to show you another cat video. It’s time to intervene.

Elevate Todd’s tastes with Webby-nominated Great Big Story, a website and app for iOS and Android that compiles top-quality mini documentary videos that you can watch anytime, anywhere.

Everything on Great Big Story is carefully curated, so you know that each video is well produced, shot in high resolution, and definitely worth your time. Plus, everything is organized by category across a whole range of topics, from sea life (check out this jellyfish video) to food (like this doc on ketchup) and much more.

There’s no need to sign up—just head to the website to browse, watch videos, and view playlists. And with the app, you can bookmark favorites for later.

It’s really the cat’s meow.