Final - Secure Digital Credit Card | Netted
Article • June 21, 2017

Get a Credit Card that Keeps Your Financial Info Safe

Final lets you create a new credit card number for every new online purchase

Groceries, gas, wings… aaaand $3,000 worth of bow ties? Hmm, something’s not right on this credit card statement.

Frankly, it’s too easy for people to get their hands on your credit card info online. Unless you’re shopping with Final.

It’s a new virtual (and physical) Visa Signature credit card that gives you control over your financial footprint online. Once you’re approved, use the Final app to generate a unique credit card number for every purchase you make. Then you can lock each number so only one merchant can use it, or lock it for a one-time purchase only. So even if someone does get a hold of your info, they can’t do anything with it.

Plus, you get a notification for every purchase made, so it’s easy to keep track of your card. You also get 1% cash back, and there’s no annual fee.

All that—and no footing the bill for someone else’s bow ties. Nice.