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Article • July 5, 2017

Find the Right Doctor for Your Symptoms

Find doctors, compare prices, read reviews, and more with Amino

Finding a good doctor is hard enough when you’re healthy. But when your spring allergies have gone from annoying to debilitating? Forget about it.

In sickness and in health, let Amino do it for you. It’s a web service for finding the best doctors for whatever you’re dealing with, from asthma treatment to pregnancy care and beyond.

Enter your condition or procedure and some personal details, and Amino finds doctors near you who specialize in what you need. You can see how they compare with other docs for that treatment, read reviews, and get a price estimate for your visit based on your insurance policy.

Then, click a button and an Amino representative will book an appointment for you. Already have a doctor? Search them by name to get their treatment info, reviews, and price estimates as well.

You just focus on breathing through your nose. And get well soon.