Huntr - Job Application Manager | Netted
Article • August 23, 2017

Track and Manage All Your Job Applications in One Place

Keep your job search organized with Huntr's Kanban-style application management system

If you’re looking for a job, you realize one thing very quickly: It’s basically a full-time job in itself. Except it’s unpaid. And really tedious. And there are no free snacks.

But there is help: Huntr, a website and Chrome extension for managing your job search.

Huntr organizes your job search in a Kanban board, with columns for jobs you want to apply to, ones you’ve applied for, where you’ve interviewed, etc., all neatly laid out and easily understandable. Click a button to add a new application, or better yet, use the Chrome extension, which lets you create a new application by highlighting any job post online.

Then get to work: Create to-do lists for each application (which populate a master to-do list), and share your board with others via email.

Now you can focus on the job you actually want.