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Article • August 30, 2017

Edit Photos, Create Filters, and More With This App

Snapseed has all the features you need to make your photos look gorgeous

Snapseed won’t transform you into a pro photographer overnight. But it will come close.

It’s an all-purpose photo editor (iOS + Android) for creating gorgeous photos on your phone.

Open an image in the app and tap the pencil icon to edit. On the Tools page, choose from a whole range of editing options, like “Tune Image” for adjusting contrast and exposure, or “Details” for sharpening edges, to get your shot exactly how you want it.

Better yet, Snapseed goes beyond the usual editing tools with advanced features like healing, dodging, and burning. Or, skip the manual edits altogether and choose from a list of filters, each of which are also customizable.

Unlike other photo apps, Snapseed will actually make you a better photographer, too: Tap “Insights” to learn more about all sorts of photo editing techniques with quick tutorials.

And you don’t even need a photography class (or an actual camera).