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Article • September 6, 2017

Automatically Invest Your Money for Retirement

Vault makes it easy to open an IRA and invest a part of your paycheck

Like cleaning your shower drain, saving for retirement is a task that’s easy to put off. But come on, how else are you going to afford an RV when you retire?

Vault will get you started on retirement when it counts—right now. It’ll set up an IRA, fund it, and manage it, all with a minimum of effort on your part.

Choose your IRA (traditional, Roth, or SEP) and enter your details to set it up. Then connect your bank account and set the percentage of your paycheck you want to invest. Vault recognizes paychecks, and it’ll automatically invest that percentage whenever you get paid.

Aside from that, you just live your life. Vault invests your money across a diversified range of stocks, and you pay a fee of $1/month, or 0.25% of your account once you hit $5,000.

Then all you have to do is turn 60, cash out, and hit the road.