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Article • November 8, 2017

Organize Your Inbox with Artificial Intelligence

Inbox a mess? Astro uses AI and a friendly chatbot to keep your messages organized

Alto, our former fav email app, is shutting down this fall, but we’ve found an excellent replacement: Astro, an AI-powered app and chatbot that’s ready to revolutionize your inbox.

It has all the features you’d expect in a good email app, like scheduled sends, read/open receipts on messages, and customizable swiping gestures to blaze through your inbox with ease.

But Astro also has some serious AI technology under the hood. It automatically organizes your messages into a Priority folder for emails from real people and an Other folder for newsletters and bulk emails, so you’ll never miss a message from someone important. Move emails between the two folders, and Astro learns your preferences and gets smarter over time.

You can also talk to your inbox. Chat with the Astro bot to bulk archive messages, get info on contacts, and unsubscribe from newsletters.

Sick of managing email? Now you don’t have to.