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Article • November 29, 2017

Keep Track of All Your Finances in One App

Clarity makes it easy to stay on top of your money

When payday comes around, you probably spend some time thinking about shopping, a nice steak dinner, or your next vacation.

Not so much about budgeting.

So let Clarity deal with it: It’s a Webby-nominated, all-in-one finance app for managing your money and budgeting.

Start out by linking your accounts—including credit cards and investment accounts—to get an overview of all your funds. Then search for transactions across accounts, and get a clear breakdown of what money is where. Clarity analyzes everything to deliver personalized insights in the app’s newsfeed, like your income vs. spending, any subscriptions draining your money, and total spending at specific stores (wow, that much at Trader Joe’s?).

There are other helpful features as well: For example, Clarity can help you set up and build up a savings account. It even offers in-app chat support if you need a hand.