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Article • February 7, 2018

Visualize Your Success with this App

Mindly helps execute your ideas with mind-mapping exercises

New Years resolutions and their wave of optimism kicked off in January.

Unfortunately, it’s now February and most of us have fallen off that wave… and succummbed to a tsunami of bad habits and deep dish pizza.

We’re going to help you get back on track this month, starting with organizing your mind. For that, grab Mindly for iOS, Android, and Mac.

It’s hard to focus on any goals when your mind is all over the place. Mindly helps you map your thoughts by creating a focus—say, “home renovation”—and breaking down sub-elements expanding on that focus (e.g., with another bubble for “budget,” another for “furniture,” and so on). The process continues until all thoughts are organized in one convenient space—outside your overburdened brain.

You can include links and images in your Mindmaps. And you can export your Mindmaps as PDFs for cross-collaboration—or just to show off about being so on your game.

Map your way back to an organized 2018.