Cut the Fat - Netted
Article • February 14, 2018

Cut the Fat

This virtual assistant manages your money-sucking subscriptions

Netted is back with more tips to keep you on track with a popular New Year’s resolution: saving money.

Perhaps you started the year with good intentions, but before you knew it you signed up for multiple streaming services, an hourly build-your-own-meal box, a sponge subscription

It’s easy for a free trial to mysteriously turn into a year-long subscription. Fix that with Trim: a virtual financial advisor that integrates into SMS or Facebook Messenger.

Trim is an AI-powered assistant that analyzes your spending habits to identify recurring costs and determine what can be cut. Ask Trim to cancel that Adobe subscription, and consider it done. It can also negotiate better deals for monthly services on your behalf (think: pricey cable and Internet bills).

You’ll hardly miss the sponges.