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Article • February 21, 2018

Meal Plan Like a Pro

Mealime builds personalized and easy-to-follow meal plans

“Eating healthy” is a noble, yet hard New Year’s resolution to keep.

Meal planning, grocery shopping, prepping, —it’s all so difficult. Not to mention, the actual (gasp) cooking part…

Fear not: You can still eat well and save time by simplifying your meal process with Mealime: a customizable recipe app.

Mealime builds individualized weekly meal plans with 200+ personalization options—from meal type to dietary restrictions—to keep you on track. It then creates grocery lists based on your selections. Open the app in the store, grab the ingredients on your pre-made list, and head home to follow Mealime’s step-by-step recipes.

A healthy 2018 has never looked so feasible.