Move for Change - Netted
Article • February 28, 2018

Move for Change

Charity Miles turns your physical activity into donations for causes

Let’s face it, sometimes it’s hard to fit our resolution to “give back more” into our daily routines.

This year, make paying it forward as simple as taking one step (literally) with Charity Miles, an app that lets you raise money for charity with every mile you move.

This free Webby-winning app has a few standout features to help attain the best version of yourself, while helping others. (Win-win.) Choose a charity from a list of 30 to start, then select an indoor or outdoor activity—walking, running, biking—and start moving. Charity Miles uses GPS location to track your traveled distance and donates up to 10-25 cents to your charity for each mile.

You can also join a team, or check out the app’s suggested motivational books, podcasts, and quotes for that extra push.

Want bonus points? Share your post-workout photo on social media, and Charity Miles’ partner will donate $1 to a cause of your choice.