Hustle and (Work)Flow - Netted
Article • March 7, 2018

Hustle and (Work)Flow

Station streamlines your work apps to maximize productivity

It feels like you’re drowning in work. But real talk: bouncing from your inbox to Google Docs to Photoshop to Hootsuite (while feeding the #recipes channel on Slack) shouldn’t be this hard.

Throw yourself a productivity life raft with Station, a free desktop app that combines your work applications into one smart, easy-to-use workstation.

With Station, sign into your email and download any apps you use to complete tasks—like Google Drive, Trello, Dropbox, and hundreds more. Then, start working by switching between organized tabs in one click, and using unified search to access documents saved across all apps.

Station also visualizes notifications across apps to prioritize what needs your immediate attention, and lets you switch to “focus mode” for moments of uninterrupted concentration.

You’re working so fast you may even have time to come up for air.