Design Your Dream Room - Netted
Article • March 14, 2018

Design Your Dream Room

Amikasa lets you build and decorate your room with 3D furniture

Home renovation is fun, unless you have no idea what you’re doing.

Fake it ‘til you make it with Amikasa, a 3D room designing app that helps customize every detail of your room, down to the corner trim.

There are plenty of room design apps out there. Amikasa stands out for its wide range of options to help accurately depict your space. Select your room’s shape, adjust each wall’s size and color, and build features from a floor finish to radiators.

From there, start adding furniture—in 3D, or using the AR tab to see how pieces fit into your room. Click the cart icon next to your favorites, and you’ll see where they can be purchased online.

Download the app for $0.99, and start designing like a pro.