Crowdsource Your Plans - Netted
Article • June 13, 2018

Crowdsource Your Plans

Maply helps you discover and share local events in real time

Your friend is in town for the weekend and you’re blanking on where to take her.

Avert an impending freak out by downloading Maply, a live, interactive map of events and things to do in 23 cities worldwide.

Start by submitting your location to view a map of your city. Each plotted point represents an event happening that day—from comedy shows to Gilmore Girls-themed trivia and everything in between. Numbered icons indicate how many Maply users are attending that event. Then browse, select your event, and gear up for a fun night.

Maply’s also great for hosting events. Whether you work at a university or run a festival, the app lets you build personalized maps to keep your attendees in the know on all activities happening around them.

Your plans are set.