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Article • July 11, 2018

Explore Time & Space With This Cool App

Cosmic Watch is your 3D guide to celestial bodies, time and beyond

What’s cooler?

A. Visiting outer space with Buzz Aldrin.

B. Time travel.

If you’re torn between options A and B, here’s a solution: Cosmic Watch. It’s a seriously cool 3D clock app that visualizes where celestial bodies are positioned at any point throughout time.

Start by adding your location to its real-time, 3D rendering of Earth. Then, explore its three main modes: World Clock (to see the current position of planets); Astronomy (to explore constellations); and Astrology (to see where planets were positioned on your birth date).

Cosmic Watch even lets you explore the solar system in AR using Sky View. Priced at $4.99, it’s an app for occasional stargazers and science fiction lovers alike.

Sorry, Buzz Aldrin not included.