Have Your Lunch Hand Delivered By Co-workers - Netted
Article • July 18, 2018

Have Your Lunch Hand Delivered By Co-workers

Make and share lunch orders with co-workers easily using Ritual

We’ve all been there: You volunteered to place the company lunch order… yet indecisive Irene has yet to Slack you her pick.

Enter Ritual: a social ordering app that’s perfect for teams.

Ritual lets co-workers piggyback onto each other’s food orders to have their meals brought back to the office for them.

Sign up with your company email, and create or join a team. Itching for a sub? Sushi? Just select an order mode: Solo Order (which keeps orders private) or Offer Pickup, and pick your meal. In Offer Pickup mode, teammates will be notified, allowing them to add their own.

What’s the benefit, you ask? Great company morale… and rewards points/discounts on future orders.

Gone are the days of Irene coming between you and your Italian sub.