Agenda-Note Taking App | Netted
Article • August 10, 2018

Turn Your Notes into a Calendar and Task Manager with this App

Agenda transforms your notes into the ultimate productivity pal

You’re on the go, and you have a brilliant idea. What do you do? Probably document it in your basic Notes app: a.k.a., a disorganized “great ideas” graveyard you never revisit. (RIP.)

Give your ideas the organization they deserve with Agenda (iOS and MacOS), a date-focused app that turns your Notes into project plans and timelines.

Start by creating project categories. Each new Note serves as a subcategory you can use to brainstorm, make task lists, or prep for your next meeting. Assign Notes dates to group them in a project timeline, or flag to prioritize them “On The Agenda.” They’ll appear on your sidebar, making them easy to search.

Agenda is free, but Premium has a ton of useful features: Use the Related Pane to link existing tasks to your note, export notes for Markdown or HTML, attach calendar events, and more.

Revive those dead ideas.