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Article • August 29, 2018

Always Backpack on the Right Trail with Gaia GPS

Gaia GPS is your smart guide to the world’s best trails

Backpacking is hard enough when the trail is familiar. Trekking in nature while you’re lost? No thanks.
Move in the right direction with Gaia GPS. It’s a top-rated hiking app that uses high-quality, GPS-powered maps to help you plan great and safe treks.

Use Gaia GPS to explore the best hikesfrom Yellowstone to the Big Bend, plan routes, and track your trips. The app’s built-in GPS uses two modes to let you navigate offline: Compass (the navigation needle moves as your device moves) and Course if you’re on wheels (the needle remains stationary).

Pro tip: Gaia GPS is free, but we advise serious backpackers to buy the Basic Membership for $19.99/year. You’ll get access to 57 maps, from topographic and satellite to other specialized maps, as well as the option to download maps ahead of time.

Happy hiking.