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Article • September 25, 2018

Tap Into Your Downward Dog

Take over 100 yoga classes on your phone with Daily Yoga

You could use a bit more “woosah” in your life. But daily responsibilities cut into your time at the yoga studio.

The Daily Yoga app helps you stick to your routine. It contains over 100 audio-guided yoga and meditation exercises and tutorials for users of all levels.

Start by creating a free account: Daily Yoga offers programs to fit your needs and skill set (like Beginner Level, Skill Improvement, etc.) After completing a Yoga Ability Test and selecting your goals, the app will suggest 2-3 week yoga plans tailored specifically to you. For additional personalization, set a daily workout time and follow its “Level Up” strategies to refine your practice.

Looking to improve? The app keeps a log of each session, so you can track your progress through each program and hold yourself accountable.

You’ve earned yourself an om.