Disconnect and Get to Work with Flipd - Netted
Article • October 3, 2018

Disconnect and Get to Work with Flipd

Flipd pushes you to disconnect from your screen to be more present

It happens: You enter a coffee shop to be productive. Two hours later, you’re deep in a blog series about plastic bags stuck in street drains (ugh!)… and you haven’t touched your work.

Reclaim your time with Flipd, an app to help you unplug and be present. Select one of Flipd’s default sessions to go offline: They range from 1-12 hours (Flipd recommends disconnecting for 3 hours/day) and you can customize a session down to the minute. Choose Light Lock to start a countdown for your session. If you leave Flipd, the timer expires and your session is marked incomplete.

For serious focus, use Full Lock Mode, which hides your downloaded apps and disables notifications during a session. (Basic apps like iMessage will still work.)

Those pesky plastic bags have nothing on you now.