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Article • October 10, 2018

Manage Chores and Payments with your Housemates using Roof

Manage chores and payments with housemates using Roof

Communal living is hard. Tracking who paid for utilities, who bought paper towels, and who’s yet to take out the trash, can get confusing.

Streamline your housekeeping with Roof, an app for iOS and Android to log household tasks and expenses between your housemates.

It’s simple, yet effective. Just create a group for your home, and invite your housemates. Bought groceries that day? Add it as an expense, along with who paid for the items, to start an ongoing log of purchases, or a balance of how much you owe each other.

Roof also lets you assign and schedule reminders for household tasks, and—if you have a landlord that uses Roof—pay your monthly rent. This free app is essential for a happy home.

BTW, it was your turn to empty the trash.