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Article • November 14, 2018

Otter Transcribes Your Voice Conversations Into Shareable Notes

Otter AI transcribes your voice conversations into shareable notes

What do meetings, interviews, and lectures have in common? They’d be a lot easier to recap if they were instantly converted into notes.

Now they can be with Otter, a free, smart note-taking app that turns voice conversations into a real-time transcript. Start recording via the app or web interface and it auto-transcribe your speech. For deeper accuracy, program Otter to recognize your voice, it will note when other speakers start talking.  

Even better: Otter can group audio of similar topics together and turn your conversations into a searchable archive. Once recording finishes, it generates 10 keywords to summarize the audio, and organize. Share your transcripts as PDFs, audio as MP3 files, and voila.

Note: Otter AI isn’t perfect. You will need to polish the text or fix a misspelled word, but that doesn’t detract from the app’s incredibly quick natural language processing.

Meetings never sounded easier.