Keepsake Frames are the Perfect Holiday Gift - Netted
Article • December 17, 2018

Keepsake Frames are the Perfect Holiday Gift

Frame and send photos from your phone with Keepsake

Guess what: It’s mid-December and you have barely purchased one gift.

Don’t panic. (That just wastes more time which you are almost out of!!!!Keepsake is here to help you send a super personal gift right from your phone.

Keepsake is an app for iOS and Android that lets you send framed photos to anyone you want in stylish—but not overpriced—handmade frames. Choose a photo from your camera roll or scroll through your loved ones’ social media for something they’ll like. Then get the Keepsake app or use your desktop, upload a photo, choose a size, select a frame, and send.

They’ll get it in just a few days, and NETTED10 saves you 10% on your first frame.

Guess what: Your gift problems are solved.