Surf the Internet Safer in 2019 with Keepsafe Browser - Netted
Article • January 2, 2019

Surf the Internet Safer in 2019 with Keepsafe Browser

Keepsafe Browser lets you surf the Internet without being tracked

Most New Year’s resolutions focus on building better habits for fitness, career success, and even love. But what about better Internet practices?

Resolve to browse safely on mobile in 2019 with Keepsafe Browser.

It helps you surf the Internet, without keeping record of your activity—something we all need from time to time. Keepsafe’s private browser uses military-grade encryption to protect your web searches. To start, set a PIN or Face ID; the app cannot be accessed without that code.

Browse in private mode, or switch into incognito mode’s secret browsers, which erase all of your browsing history after use. Not sold yet? Turn on Keepsafe’s tracker blockers to stop advertisers and social networks from collecting your data or browsing activity.

Browse safe, breathe easy.