Control Your Finances with Albert - Netted
Article • February 27, 2019

Control Your Finances with Albert

The app that keeps track of your spending and helps you save more

It’s that time of year again: Time to sit amongst a sea of receipts and statements and wonder where it all went wrong.

It’s tax season and there’s nothing we can do about it. But we can plan better for next year, thanks to Albert.

No, not the guy at your local H&R Block (though he’s nice too). We’re talking about Albert: the super smart personal finance app that helps you save.

Download Albert and answer questions about your savings goals, income, etc. Then sync your bank accounts and Albert does the rest: It keeps you posted on spending changes (e.g., your utilities bill increased $13), updates you on your budget, and saves your money when it’s safe to do so.

Albert also has a team of humans at the ready to answer questions about your finances.

Next year’s tax season is going to be awesome.