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Article • November 20, 2019

Heading to the store? Grab Out Of Milk

Out of Milk makes shopping for groceries a breeze

Grocery shopping can be a fraught experience, especially with Thanksgiving coming up: There are lists to make, turkeys to find, and wayward shopping carts to avoid.

So don’t shop alone. Get Out of Milk, a comprehensive grocery list app now available for iOS and Android. The app features separate sections to track groceries, pantry supplies, and to-dos, you can share lists with friends, and it automatically saves items you’ve bought before, so it’s easy to add things from your shopping history.

Better yet, you can scan barcodes to add items, which saves time when you’re looking through your fridge to see what’s running low. Once added, the app also automatically categorizes your groceries by type, like dairy or produce.

Now you just have to keep an eye out for those shopping carts.