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Article • January 29, 2020

Laugh More with Dropout

A streaming platform by the Internet’s favorite comedy site, CollegeHumor

For more than 20 years CollegeHumor Media has blazed trails as a titan making quality comedy for the Internet. I mean come on, they gave us Webby-winning shorts like “John Stamos’ Guide to Cuddling,” series like “Jake and Amir” and our personal favorite, “ Tide CEO: You Stop Eating Tide Pods.” And right now they need your support.

Sam Reich has just taken over to lead the company in its next phase, and he’s asking comedy lovers across the Internet to sign up for Dropout, their uncensored subscription comedy platform.

Sign up and you get access to exclusive shows with brilliant comedians, like their new season of Dimension 20: Tiny Heist—a hilarious game of Dungeons and Dragons featuring the McElroys—for starters. Dropout is ad-free, and can be streamed anywhere across mobile, web, TV, and beyond.

Sign up and laugh a little more each day.