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Article • February 12, 2020

Develop Healthy Routines with Tangerine

Form habits that make you feel better with tracker app Tangerine

“I’m burned out.” “I think I need to take up meditation and mindfulness.” “I feel overwhelmed and stressed; time to develop better self care.”

Life throws plenty our way, and it’s easy to feel off balance. But the first step to taking care of you is identifying the habits that create a better you. Enter Tangerine, a free habit and mood tracking app to help users develop better routines and healthy habits.

Yes, there are so many self-care apps on the market. But what sets Tangerine apart is its insight that our daily routines have a large impact on how we feel—and what we can do about it. To start, set a habit, maybe you want to practice your Japanese, or start exercising. Throughout the week, mark off what you completed, check your current streaks (like going to bed at 10pm three times that week, woohoo!).

Tangerine has a journal and mood tracker attached to each habit. Once your day is finished, reflect on it, what you accomplished in your routine, and how you felt overall. Then get ready to track your progress the next day!

Take care of yourself and your habits with Tangerine.