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Article • August 13, 2020

Declutter Your Life, Online

Clear your inbox, remove unwanted permissions, and negotiate subscriptions with these tools and tips

There are plenty of resources that help you declutter our homes. These days, tending to our online garden is just as, or even more, important than IRL. To help you sift through the junk, we’ve aggregated a few tools below to help you declutter your online life—across your inbox, subscriptions, and permissions: 

Want to bulk unsubscribe from pesky spam? Try Mailstrom.The positive: the service doesn’t collect and sell your data, like competitor apps. The catch: It will cost you $7 per month (we recommend using a trial to see if you like it. The long term payoff is a service that does a massive overhaul and delete of unwanted emails in your inbox.  

For those who find themselves stuck in subscription services or receive overpriced bills, try Truebill. The service takes a snapshot of your bill, and will help you negotiate a better rate. Truebill never removes your service, but that is always a manual option. 

An important component to a decluttered online life is knowing who you’ve given permissions to. Check out these useful guides to revoke access permissions to your Gmail account, and remove apps’ access to your Facebook account

Tidy things up online, by using these tools!