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Article • August 19, 2020

Transform Your Coffee Routine

Spice up your daily cup of Joe with these options

Maybe you’re frequenting coffee shops less. Maybe spending $8 on oat milk lattes is no longer appealing. Maybe you’re finally ready to become the barista of your dreams. 

There are plenty of reasons to spice up your morning coffee routine, so we’ve included a few of our favorite coffee and coffee alternatives to dive into:

For Maximum Strength:

To substitute your cafe-style coffee order, you should try Jot Ultra Coffee. The concentrated brew is 20 times stronger than regularly-brewed coffee, so all you need is one tablespoon. Seriously, you only need a tablespoon. Then, the sky’s the limit! You can make cold brew, americanos, espressos, lattes, anything you want. Subscribe and get Jot delivered to your door every few weeks. 

If you want a tried and true option, try Bulletproof Coffee. The hallmark of biohacking, the coffee is made with healthy butter and MCT oil to give you a boost of energy. If nothing else, Bulletproof Coffee is efficient, and great for those who just want that sudden boost. 

Coffee Alternatives:

A great alternative to coffee, with plenty of energy is MUD/WTR. Like Jot, you only need to add a tablespoon of this powder to hot water. The ingredients, consisting of masala chai, chaga, cinnamon, turmeric, and caco supply natural energy, without the jitters. 

A second option is the RASA, a coffee alternative that’s herbal, vegan, and gluten free. They have a few different types to try: Original, Bold, Spicy Rose, Cacao, and Dirty, the only option blended with coffee, Dirty.