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Article • September 8, 2020

Work Better Through the Internet

Conquer remote working with these online tools

It’s September, and chances are you’re still working remotely. Some of us have gotten our workflow down pat. While some of us are still struggling to maintain productivity (btw, that’s okay. This year has been a lot.)

If you fall into the latter category, here are a few tools to help you with tracking goals, creating a schedule and, most importantly, sticking to it, as well as working across teams: 

First stop is GitLab’s Remote Playbook. Free for download, their playbook has tips for making a remote lifestyle work, tactics to smooth out the transition, and even a remote manifesto to live by. It’s useful for employees, managers, and directors alike. 

For a management system, try Asana or, the 2020 Webby Winner in Productivity. Both are great resources to customize and manage your own projects as well as your team’s projects. Asana’s free version is great for managing your own tasks, while its premium version is ideal for team leads. is more robust and can handle an organization’s needs.   

Recognition helps increase our productivity. If you use Slack, try integrating Assembly in order to reward your team members for their hard work. The platform sets up gives visibility to employees and boosts moral.

Work better, together, using these tools.