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Article • January 21, 2021

Sort, Sync, and Save with These Apps

Everything In Its Right Place

The kitchen? Clean. Your bills? Paid. Your to-dos? To-done. You know the feeling: You’re relaxed, at peace, practically floating on air. You are organized.

If getting organized seems like reaching nirvana, that’s probably because (on most days at least) it’s a hard goal to achieve. But organization doesn’t have to be quite so elusive. All you need is a little help. From syncing up your smart devices to sticking to a budget and more, a wealth of digital tools are available to assist with the grunt work of streamlining your life. Of course, finding tools that work for you is a task in itself, so we’ve put together a guide to get you started.

Below you’ll find four apps and services that we love for clearing away life’s clutter and managing day-to-day tasks that often slip through the cracks. See our Webby-recognized picks and begin your journey to organization station.


The best way to get things done? Delegate. Outsource your repetitive tasks with 2017 Webby Winner IFTTT. Its comprehensive applets allow you to link all your apps and connected devices to do things like sync your calendar and to-do list, use your Amazon Alexa to send Slack messages, and so much more.


Cozi, which nabbed a Webby People’s Voice award in 2014, is a godsend for busy families. This all-in-one family organizer allows you to post to-dos, create a shared master calendar, and plan grocery lists so everyone’s on the same page—no nagging or bribery required.

Nothing says “clutter” like an overflowing inbox. Get a handle on yours with This 2015 Webby Honoree analyzes your email account and creates a list of all your active subscriptions (including the ones you don’t remember signing up for). Then, with a few taps, you can easily unsubscribe and get your inbox under control.


Or maybe it’s your finances that are a little unkempt. No worries—Truebill can help get more insight into your money and where it’s going. Connect your bank account and Truebill will analyze your spending habits, create a list of all your subscriptions, and even negotiate lower monthly bills on things like phone and Internet service.