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Article • February 16, 2021

A Few Tools to Help Your Money Work for You

Bulk Up Your Bank Account

Let’s be honest: Nobody wakes up on a Saturday morning excited to update their budget. Managing money is a time-consuming task, often confusing task. At least, that’s how it used to be.

These days, managing your money doesn’t have to involve spending hours poring over a spreadsheet (or giving up lattes in hopes of becoming a billionaire). A new generation of apps and web services has arrived to make things like budgeting, paying off debt, and just understanding your finances much easier and more intuitive.

If you’re looking to get a better handle on your finances, we have some suggestions for you. From an easy-to-use digital wallet to a comprehensive budgeting app and more, the tools below will give you insight into your money and where it’s going.

So you can enjoy that latte without a side of guilt.


Branch, a 2020 Webby Winner, is the kind of everyday, highly functional digital tool we love: It’s a mobile digital wallet that makes it easier for businesses to pay their employees and for workers to access and manage their paychecks. With features like instant, fee-free access to earned wages, integrated contactless payments, and a unique Auto-Budget feature, Branch helps you get paid and build savings, too.


Can a chatbot help you manage your money? Erica from Bank of America definitely can. This virtual financial assistant—and 2020 Webby Nominee—makes tracking your finances intuitive and simple. Pull up the app and chat with Erica to get all kinds of insights, from locating past transactions to tracking credit card rewards points and more.


Wally is a budget app that can keep up with your busy life, and it doesn’t require constant attention to keep you on track. Set up a comprehensive budget, and Wally will automatically track and categorize transactions and provide real-time updates, so you’ll always know where your money’s going. With a deep range of features, including an automated bill calendar and group budgeting, Wally stands out for its ability to adapt to your needs.

Happy Money

Credit card debt—it’s a real downer! If you’re struggling to pay credit card bills, Happy Money’s financial tools can help you regain control of your financial situation. This 2020 Webby Winner uses goal-focused savings accounts to help members (over 100,000 and growing) build savings and pay off their debt. It’s currently invite-only, but you can request to join on the Happy Money website.