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Article • May 11, 2021

Digital Tools to Curate and Connect with Others

The Internet, tailored to you.

This year at The Webbys, we’re celebrating online connection and the ways it supports and uplifts us during challenging times. From keeping in touch with colleagues on Slack to discovering new communities on social media and more, the Internet isn’t just a tool for communicating—it’s an essential lifeline, and a platform for advocacy and activism, too.

We’ve honored many powerful community-centric projects over the years at The Webbys. Here, we’ve highlighted three standout picks, including a past Webby Winner and projects launched by IADAS member Naj Austin and Jameela Jamil, the host of this year’s Webby Awards show.

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Source: Pocket

Pocket, winner of multiple Webby People’s Voice Awards, makes it easy to curate your experience online. With the Pocket browser extension and apps, you can save articles, videos, and other content into a comprehensive catalog that you can read and view anytime, from any of your devices.

Ethel’s Club

Source: Ethel’s Club

Ethel’s Club, founded by Webby Awards judge Naj Austin, is an “online social and wellness club” created specifically for people of color, and it’s where inclusivity meets empowerment. Sign up for a membership ($17/month) to access a wide range of events designed to heal and inspire, including guided yoga classes, guest speaker sessions, and more.

Send a Video Instead

Source: IWeigh

Founded by Jameela Jamil, the host of The 25th Annual Webby Awards, I Weigh is an online platform for sharing ideas and sparking activism around everything from mental health to climate change. The site’s homepage is filled with thought-provoking essays and practical advice, and you can sign up for a weekly email to get the latest news and info on exclusive events, too.