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Article • June 23, 2021

Browse Better: Tools and Resources to Keep Your Data Secure

Take Control of Your Digital Life

Annoying pop-ups. Cookies that suck up your info. Companies serving up eerily specific ads in your newsfeed. These days, going online means opening yourself up to all kinds of tracking, and it can feel more than a little intrusive.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. New tools are helping people get a better handle on their data and protect themselves from prying eyes. And aside from privacy, these tools can also shorten load times and make your browsing more enjoyable, too.

Here, we’ve rounded up four Webby-approved picks that’ll empower you to take control over your info. From a privacy-focused web browser to a mini podcast crash course in data tracking, these resources will streamline your browsing and help you keep your info safe.

UBlock Origin

Source: UBlock Origin

Pop-up ads aren’t just distracting; they lengthen load times and make web pages difficult to read. A good ad blocker is essential, and while there are lots of options, we like UBlock Origin, which offers ad blocking and more. Available for Chrome and Firefox, it blocks ads and trackers, flags malicious websites, has a range of customizable features, and it’s optimized to use minimal CPU resources, so it won’t slow down your computer.


Source: Brave

2018 Webby Nominee in Apps and Software, Brave is a sleek, easy to use browser that offers unparalleled privacy protection. It automatically blocks data trackers and ads, which keeps your info private and also leads to lightning-fast load times (up to three times faster than Chrome). It also features a unique private browsing mode that utilizes data encryption for true anonymity online.

Facebook Container by Mozilla Firefox


Using info from cookies and your Facebook profile, companies can track you as you visit sites across the Internet—unless you install this handy Mozilla extension. It “fences” your Facebook profile, severing the link with data-tracking cookies. That way, your web browsing information stays private and can’t be sold to the highest bidder.

The Privacy Paradox by WNYC

From the team behind WNYC Studios’ Note to Self podcast, The Privacy Paradox (a 2018 Webby Winner) is a five-day challenge designed to help you learn more about how your data is collected and what you can do about it. Sign up, and you’ll get a series of five email newsletters on different privacy-related topics. Each one contains tips on how to lock down your info and a short podcast that dives into the science and psychology of things like metadata, algorithms, and more.