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Article • July 1, 2021

Step up Your Skincare Routine with These Tips

Smooth Like Butter: Skincare Resources to Bookmark

The world of skincare can be an intimidating place. Sure, in theory it would be great to have flawless, glowing skin, but a quick scroll through Instagram can make finding a routine that works difficult and expensive. Did we mention expensive?

And it can be, without the right knowledge. The truth is, anyone can find a skincare routine that works, is shorter than 10 steps, and keeps your wallet intact. From beauty blogs to podcasts to in-depth guides, there are many ways to find what works for your skin, and stick to it.

To help, we’ve pulled a few picks from across the Internet, as a primer into skincare. Featuring a few Webby Winners, these resources help you learn the basics, from how products work individually and as a system, to extending your self care beyond your face.

Inclusive Beauty Reviews with Very Good Light

Very Good Light is a great online resource for skincare through an inclusive lens. Let’s say you spotted a trendy product online, but you’re feeling skeptical. Check out Very Good Light for honest reviews about rising skincare products.


If your main skincare concern is covering acne flare ups, try Starface. The 2021 Webby Award Winner is known for its Hydro-Stars product—small patches for spot treatments. It works by reducing inflammation on your spot, helping to quickly shrink them. The patches are vegan and cruelty-free, always a plus.

Transform Your Shower Routine with ‘Add to Cart’

Great skincare doesn’t end with your face—take a few tips into your shower routine as well. Listen to the hosts of Add to Cart, the 2021 Webby Winner for Lifestyle Podcasts, as they take you through their very lush, very relaxing shower routine. Part one and two includes plenty of essential oils, eucalyptus, exfoliating gloves and more.

This In-Depth Skincare Google Doc

Hailed as an OG Internet staple, check out this in-depth list of skincare products by The Strategist writer Rio Viera-Newton. It all started in 2017 with a detailed Google doc of her skincare regimen, and it quickly made its way to friends, family, bosses, acquaintances alike. Now, the list is on the Internet for all to enjoy. While the list is old, it is a great base for those looking to learn about products and how they work as a system.

LA Beautyologist

Created by an LA-based esthetician and skincare Youtuber, this platform gives skincare tips to people of color. However, anyone with darker skin can benefit from Nai’s knowledge on how to care for your skin’s specific needs.