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Article • October 20, 2021

Festive Resources for a Great Halloween

We’ve compiled a few resources to help you have a great Halloween this year, including a few Webby Award winners.

With Halloween approaching, and celebrations taking place as outdoor activities that involve masks, many people are looking to celebrate the occasion.

Where to start? Do you opt for a full blown night of trick or treating, or keep it indoor? If the latter, what will you do for fun? Halloween is meant to be a playground for kids and adults, but planning everything from costumes to creative treats can feel taxing.

If you’re fretting about the possibilities, never fear. We’ve compiled a list of a few resources on the Internet to make your Halloween fun, from tips on what treats to bake, podcasts to help you feel festive, and what to stream or play on Halloween night.

Visit Tastemade for Festive Recipes

Whether you plan to make Halloween treats with your household, or pass them out safely to neighbors, you’ll need a bit of inspiration. Webby Award Winner Tastemade’s Instagram is a great stop for inspiration. They have tutorials on how to spice up your treats with googly eyes, create pumpkin bites, and more.

Get in the Spirit: Listen to Borrasca

Get into the Halloween spirit by listening to Borrasca, the 2021 Webby Award Winner for Scripted Podcasts. The program takes listeners on a journey as the main protagonist, Sam Walker, tries to trace the disappearance of his sister and others in a Missouri town.

Do a Virtual Escape Room with Swamp Motel

If you are keeping Halloween plans remote, spice up your celebrations by doing a virtual escape room with Swamp Hotel. Last year, the creative agency’s program Plymouth Point was honored at the Webby Awards. You can also try their other programs like The Mermaid’s Tongue and The Kindling Hour.