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Article • January 13, 2022

Digital Tools to Level Up Your Creative Hobbies

These Webby Awards-approved resources will help you make better videos, websites, art, and more.

When it comes to creativity, the Internet is the ultimate blank canvas. From TikTok dances to digital art to streaming videos and more, there are so many ways to design, build, and express yourself online.

No matter what “being creative” looks like for you, the Internet is full of dynamic tools that can empower you to make something you’re proud of. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite creativity resources—including several Webby-recognized picks—below. Whether you’re shooting a short film, whipping up a website, or just looking to doodle, there’s an app or web platform here that’ll help you do it (or learn how).


Want to take your videos to the next level? Download KineMaster. This 2021 Webby-nominated app (available for iPhone and Android) puts all kinds of helpful tools at your fingertips, including downloadable fonts and music, camera transition and blending effects, and file backups and easy project sharing.


Sketchbook is a must-have for digital artists. This comprehensive drawing platform offers a huge range of brushes, tools, and color fill options, all contained within a streamlined UI that makes it easy to access what you need but doesn’t get in the way as you work. Better yet, it’s available across desktop and mobile devices, so you can sketch at home or on the go without missing a beat.


MasterClass is your one-stop shop for learning a new skill. In particular, we’re fans of its Webby-winning app, which allows you to take courses from over a hundred instructors—Gordon Ramsey’s cooking class or photography with Annie Leibovitz, for example—right from your phone or tablet.


While many language learning platforms focus on listening and repeating, Kupu, a 2019 Webby Nominee from New Zealand, takes a different approach: using your camera. Just snap a picture of an object, and the app will use machine learning tech to recognize it and display the name of that item in the Māori language (spoken by the indigenous Māori people of New Zealand).

Editor X

Nothing makes a good first impression quite like a well-designed website. For that, turn to Editor X, a 2021 Webby Nominee. Its drag-and-drop user interface is a cinch to use, and the platform offers powerful design tools to build your site layout with precision. Working with a team? Editor X includes built-in collaboration features to supercharge your group’s workflow.