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Article • March 15, 2023

Better Learning Through the Internet

Diving into new hobbies and exploring new interests just got easier.

Spring is just around the corner, and along with warmer days comes a time to take stock of the things we want to bring into the summer. That means spring cleaning for some, and for others it can mean finding new things to try out as the days get longer. From a new language or instrument to a newfound intrigue with deep space, there are many different things to pick up. Here are a few Webby Award-winning tools to help you learn something new.

Looking to learn how to play the guitar? What about the piano? Yousician is the app to learn a new instrument from the comfort of your phone. It can even listen to your playing and give instant feedback on your timing and accuracy. It’s available for download on iOS and Android




The ASL App
Pick up conversational ASL with the help of the ASL App, a deaf-owned company paving a digital route to make learning accessible and fun. All phrases and signs are segmented in each course, with the app’s intuitive design ensuring the process is well-paced. It’s available for download on iOS and Android.



Learning a new language can be hard. But it can get easier with Kahoot’s language learning app, Drops. It has unique features, like combining word games with mnemonic associations, to help you learn quicker at a conversational level. It’s available for download on iOS and Android



NASA’s Eyes
This mobile interactive experience from NASA gives you a view of space privy to astronauts and explorers. Each one showcases a simulated version of the heavenly bodies above us–including exoplanets. It includes resources to learn more about deep space updated with real-time data.