The 2023 Webby Awards Games Nominees are the ones to beat. - Netted
Article • April 5, 2023

The 2023 Webby Awards Games Nominees are the ones to beat.

Take a look and vote for the best one in the Webby People’s Voice Awards by April 20th!

In 2023, small and independent studios took center stage in gaming. Gameplays are more elaborate and open-world. Graphics are intricate and incredibly detailed. Their focused and intentional approach has raised the bar for the industry. And The Webby Awards has come across the best ones. Here’s a line-up of 2023 Webby-nominated games made by small and independent studios. And don’t forget to vote for your favorite in the 2023 Webby People’s Voice Awards before Thursday, April 20th!

Nobody Saves the World by Drinkbox Studios
A pale humanoid who wakes up without any memories–just a wand with the power to help them shapeshift–sets off on a journey to not only piece their world together, but save it, too. Vote for them here!



IMMORTALITY by Half Mermaid Productions
Solve the mystery of Marissa Marcel, an actress who made three movies but disappeared once none of them were released. Sort through found footage and clues in the interactive trilogy from Sam Barlow, IMMORTALITY. Vote for them here!


Temtem by Humble Games
Become a Temtem tamer, discover new species and battle it out with other tamers across the six islands of the Airborne Archipelago in Temtem. Vote for them here!



Citizen Sleeper by Jump Over the Age
Inspired by tabletop, open world games, Citizen Sleeper follows an escaped worker who’s washed up on a rogue station in a post-apocalyptic and interstellar world as he tries to change his future. Vote for them here!



SEASON: A letter to the future by Scavengers Studio
On a tranquil bicycle road trip, the main task is to snap pictures and collect memories before everything gets washed away. Explore the world and people of SEASON through a third-person meditative gameplay. Vote for them here!



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