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Article • January 2, 2024

Netted’s Holiday List of the Best Holiday Lists

Dive into our list of holiday lists, with the best recommendations for gifts, series, films and more to kick your new year off with a bang.

2023 has been a ride. Artificial intelligence, Barbenheimer, record-breaking heat, Renaissance and the rise of new platforms have made the year one for the books. Each year, we curate a list of our favorite things to watch, stream, play and hear. This year, we decided to do things a little differently. 

As the year winds down, teams across the Internet have put some of the best work under review to build a roster of the best it had to offer. So we’ve curated the most interesting “Best of 2023” guides below into a curated list of holiday lists. Dive into our roundup of the Internet’s best year-end lists—from gift guides to the top podcasts, TV shows, and more. Plus…we couldn’t help but share what we can’t stop talking about too. 

Gift Lists with Fresh Finds

Shut Up Evan Gift Guide
Gifts have to be creative, but not so much that you lose the essence of the person you’re gifting. Dive into Shut Up Evan’s list for a collection of practical and thoughtful gifts.

The Nice List
A list of fun, funky and colorful gifts from small creators that are sure to be memorable: cobalt-blue papier-mache lamps, stunning risograph prints, hand-sculpted ceramics and more.

Big Salad’s The Gift Guide
Hear from three creatives what they’re thinking of gifting the kids and all loved ones in their lives this holiday season—from monogrammed linens to vintage decor, even a cassette player.

100 Best Gifts for Everyone on Your List in 2023
Blanking on what to gift? Take a look at Glamour’s massive collection of gift ideas, guaranteed to dazzle all friends and family (even picky loved ones with specific tastes).

2023 Christmas Gift Guide for Creatives
Instead of giving the crafters and makers in your life generic presents, opt for Creative Boom’s collection of gifts from independent creators for a truly meaningful touch.

Media to Queue

The Albums that Defined 2023
It’s subjective, but there are albums we can all agree electrified the scene in 2023. For a nuanced plunge into the year’s top projects, queue this episode of the New York Times’ Popcast.

Best Films of 2023
It’s been a huge year for the film industry—the writers’ and actors’ strike is igniting a new and better culture. This transitional moment gave way to some of the most dynamic films that have debuted in recent years. For a list of the best, check out the British Film Institute’s roundup.

The 20 best TV shows of 2023
TV has been in a similar kind of limbo, but unique series lit up our screens with captivating stories (think the instant viral Beef). Mashable rounded up 20 of their picks. Dive in to find memorable shows to add to your watchlist.

The Best Podcasts of 2023
Podcasting perseveres. You wouldn’t have guessed it was an off-year for the industry, with creatives continuing to tell compelling narratives through audio. Discover your next podcast obsession in Vulture’s list of 2023’s best. 

The 50 Best Video Games of 2023
The gaming world is growing more exciting and fragmented by the day. Polygon dove into the most fascinating gameplays to shortlist 50 with unrivaled concepts and graphics.

The Best Books of 2023
Reading has never been more fundamental. While film and TV struggled, the literary industry flourished. Staff writers at the New Yorker rounded up their favorite fiction, non-fiction stories and poetry of the year.

Pocket’s Best of 2023: Most Read
The Internet, and journalism as a byproduct, is very fragmented. Yet, a few news stories caught our attention. Discover Pocket’s list of the most saved and read articles this year.

We Can’t Stop Talking About 

We also wanted to share the projects we can’t stop Slacking about from our favorite Webby Team Slack Channels. 

A Murder at the End of the World on Hulu
Volcano – A Motion Picture by Jungle
Love Has Won: The Cult of Mother God on MAX
Saltburn on Amazon Prime
Reservation Dogs Season 3 on Hulu
Chase & Status Boiler Room session

The Woman in Me audiobook by Britney Spears
Say More with Dr? Sheila podcast by Audacy and Paper Kite Podcasts
Scamanda podcast by Lionsgate Sound
Trip9love…??? album by Tirzah

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