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Guide • January 25, 2023

Webby 27 EEXD

The Canva team shares which digital tools they love.
  • Calm

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    Katie Piper
    Creative Lead, Strategic Partnerships, Canva

    Favorite App/Service: Calm

    Why I like it: Calm certainly isn’t a new app, but I use it almost every day. I’ve never been a big fan of meditation or Wellness trends – however, Calm makes it incredibly easy for me to focus for a quick 15-20mins period and do a guided meditation before work. I also love their SleepStories and they have become a regular fixture in my bedtime routine. The app has really helped to reduce my stress levels and has been a game-changer in improving my sleep patterns.

  • TickPick

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    Reby Silverman 
    Strategic Partnerships, Canva

    Favorite App/Service: TickPick 

    Why I like it: I love going to live shows but don’t love the added service fees that hike up ticket prices. TickPick aggregates local ticket prices without the service fees so the price I see on the app is what I pay. I’ve gone to so many more shows since using the app and love that I can decide–and snag a ticket–last minute without the hidden charges. 

  • 1 Second Everyday

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    Terence Lim 
    Art Director, Canva

    Favorite App/Service: 1 Second Everyday

    Why I like it: As someone with goldfish memory, 1SE allows me to capture one second snippets of daily life in the form of a video diary. Even amongst the sometimes mundane and repetitive happenings of everyday life, there are always small and special moments. The collated video sequences remind me of this and bring these memories back to life. A lot can happen in a month, and seeing this expanse of time squeezed into 30 seconds teaches me to be more mindful, present, and appreciative of the little things.

  • Audm

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    Kate Marsden 
    Partnership Marketing Lead, Canva 

    Favorite App/Service: Audm 

    Why I like it: Love this app which brings the feature stories from publications such as The New York Times, The Atlantic, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker and more, to me in narrated form. It’s a nice way to stay up to speed with the latest articles whilst I am on the go (and not have to read them from my device).  

  • Duolingo

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    Diana Abeleven 
    Strategic Partnerships 

    Favorite App/Service: Duolingo 

    Why I like it: It’s a brilliant app that allows me to learn all the languages I’ve ever wanted. It’s also fun and a little addictive – as you earn points, gain access to treasure chests and get ‘streaks’, which encourages continual use. Plus, the lessons are only a couple of minutes long – which means I can knock out a couple sessions whilst in transit, waiting for appointments, over lunch – whenever! Très bien!

  • Tinybeans

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    Andrew Johnstone
    Creative Industries Lead

    Favorite App/Service: Tinybeans 

    Why I like it: We live in a different state to most of our family and friends so don’t get to see them as often as we would like. Tinybeans allows us to post picks of our kids so that they can, at least digitally, see what they’ve been up to and watch them grow up. It has a well designed calendar UX that also encourages you to look back at the fun, and crazy, times you’ve had with your own family.