Editorial Policy - Netted

Editorial Policy

The sites, services and applications featured in Netted are selected by our editorial staff.  And, to the greatest extent humanly possible, we test every item we write about. If we don’t find a site or service useful, we won’t write about it.

Netted is editorially independent and coverage cannot be bought or traded for. Our daily emails do feature one advertisement in a clearly marked location, but these are unrelated to the content.

Occasionally, we will send a sponsored email from one of our partners. These are clearly marked as such (identifiable by the term “Netted Partner Tip”) in both the subject line and the body of the email. The items covered in these emails are selected by our sponsors, but our editors still do all the writing, reporting and editorial production.

Most importantly, we will never sell or share any of your information.  Our subscriber list is strictly private.