4 Tools to Verify Your Internet - Netted
Guide • October 23, 2018

4 Tools to Verify Your Internet

These 4 services help restore your trust in the Internet
  • Fakespot

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    2018 seems to be the year of #fakenews but what about fake reviews? Download the Fakespot app and chrome extension to paste any link for an Amazon product or Yelp business, so you can find out which reviews are real and which are incentivized.

  • NewsGuard

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    Discover which news websites are both credible and transparent, and which are just fake with NewsGuard, the free plugin that uses a team of trained journalists—not bots—to verify thousands of news websites.

  • Bot Sentinel

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    Never get trapped by a propaganda bot with Bot Sentinel, a browser extension and search tool that tracks “fake news” accounts spreading disinformation, and flags bots so you can tell the real from the fake.

  • AllSides

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    Tired of seeing one-sided views online? Get the full scoop on a story with AllSides, a news service that provides multiple angles on the same story, so you have the whole picture.