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Guide • February 4, 2016

Netted Staff Picks: Our 21 Must-Have Apps

21 apps making our lives better
  • HEALTH: Withings Scale

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    Name: David-Michel Davies | @dmdlikes
    Role: CEO, The Webby Awards
    Interests: Family. Cooking/Eating. Internetz.
    Essential product/app: Withings scale and app

    “One of the ways I am able to eat deep fried corn dogs (local and artisanal or course :->) and roasted pork belly pizza is that I keep pretty close tabs on the relationship between my activity, eating, and weight with the Withings scale and app.”

  • FITNESS: ClassPass

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    Name: Emma Whitfield | @emmajwhitfield
    Role: Assistant Producer, The Webby Awards
    Interests: Theater. Netflix. Traveling.
    Essential app: ClassPass

    “I use this app to book all my fitness classes. I pay $130 a month to take an unlimited number. Pilates and Barre classes are a couple of my faves. :)”

  • FITNESS: Strava

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    Name: Christian Torres
    Role: Graphic Designer, Webby Media Group
    Interests: Cycling. Movies/Shows. Art/Design.
    Essential app: Strava

    “Strava is an awesome cycling app that allows me to time my rides to and from work. I can see where I excel and where I need more work to get a better workout and faster time. It also has a great feature, breaking your route up into sections, and timing you against other Strava users for that day.”

  • FOOD: Foursquare/Swarm

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    Name: Angela Kuo | @angkuo

    Role: Social Media Manager
    Interests: Leisurely activities. Food. Emojis.
    Essential app: Foursquare/Swarm

    “I know this is so 2010, but Foursquare has officially replaced Yelp as my go-to restaurant/bar finder. It’s newer, so you have less of the older angry crowd writing nonsense reviews. Swarm is the app I save places I’m into… and to win badges, duh.”

  • FUN: Triller

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    Name: Rebekah Walter | @iamrebewawa
    Role: Senior Account Exec., Netted
    Interests: Food. My dog. Being active.
    Essential app: Triller

    “Triller is like a way better DubSmash, and it’s so much fun to do with friends. Just pick a song and you and your friends take turns singing alone or together. It then takes all of those ‘takes’ and compiles them into one fun music video.”

  • LIVE EVENTS: TodayTix

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    Name: Nicole Ferraro | @NicoleFerraro
    Role: Editor-in-Chief, Netted
    Interests: Writing. Theater & Storytelling. Pizza.
    Essential app: TodayTix

    “I am Broadway-obsessed and try to go to the theater two to three times a week. That gets expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing. TodayTix is my savior for getting last-minute, discounted tickets to shows. They also have daily ticket lotteries you can enter. It’s the best thing ever for theater nerds like me.”

  • MONEY: LevelUp

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    Name: Lauren Appelwick | @laurenwick
    Role: Marketing + Partnerships Director, Netted
    Interests: Saving money. Eating. Saving money while eating.
    Essential app: LevelUp

    “My only regret about LevelUp is that I didn’t start using it sooner. Every time I see that little white box at checkout, I know it’s a chance to save money. LevelUp executes quick mobile payments from your phone, but best of all, the app tracks your rewards and automatically credits freebies. No more wallet full of punchcards! Many shops even offer an instant $2-5 off the first time you pay with LevelUp there. I’ve saved over $50 the past few months. It’s changed my lunch game completely.”

  • MUSIC: Cymbal

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    Name: Steve Marchese | @stevemarchese
    Role: Executive Producer, Webby Media Group
    Interests: 17th century British literature. The selected works of Krzysztof Kieślowski. Bouncy houses.
    Essential app: Cymbal

    “This is a great new music app that utilizes Soundcloud and Spotify in an Instagram-like UX. Solves the genre-fatigue issue that plagues terrestrial or internet radio.”

  • MUSIC: Jukely

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    Name: Colleen Viana | @coycolleen
    Role: Sales Planner, Netted
    Interests: Music. Karaoke. Drag Queens.
    Essential app: Jukely

    “If you like going to concerts, this app is a must have. It lists all the live shows imaginable in your area daily and gives you the option to buy tickets, win tickets through its giveaways, and even see which of your friends are going to concerts you may be interested in. Also, for $25/month you can attend unlimited shows.”


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    Name: Opal Hoyt | @ohoyt
    Role:  Producer, Project Manager, The Webby Awards
    Interests: Music. Sweaters. NYC.
    Essential app: Sunrise Calendar

    “I’m so bad at syncing my calendars, but this pulls in Google, iCal, plus Facebook… which is pretty much essential for remembering birthdays and the 10 million show-and-event invites people are always sending you.”

  • PARENTING: CricketsCircle

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    Name: Angela Carola | @angcarola
    Role: Managing Director, Product Development, Webby Media Group
    Interests: Family. NYC. Home improvement.
    Essential site: CricketsCircle

    “CricketsCircle is my go-to blog for mom advice wrapped up in celebrity gossip. They also give great product reviews, offering three price points in each gear and toy category so that I can make smart decisions on products for my daughter and not clutter my living room.”

  • PETS: Rover

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    Name: Michelle Pathe | @airshelley
    Role: Executive Assistant
    Interests: Live music. Chopped. Tacos.
    Essential app: Rover

    “Rover is like Uber for dog sitting. You can set your own rates and preferences and are contacted by dog owners in your area.”

  • PODCASTS: Overcast

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    Name: Ben Wagner | @hellobenwagner
    Role: Editor, Netted
    Interests: Performance. Audio storytelling. Cheese.
    Essential app: Overcast

    “Overcast provides far and away a better podcast listening experience than Apple’s standard player. It’s straightforward, intuitive, and free.”

  • PRODUCTIVITY: HoverZoom+

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    Name: Seth Callaway | @BrooklynVortex
    Role: Academy Director, IADAS
    Interests:  Nerding out. Cooking in. Getting down.
    Essential service: HoverZoom+

    “This is a great Chrome extension that lets you hover your mouse over an image to see it, instead of having to click it.”


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    Name: Olyvia Salyer | @olyviasalyer
    Role: Marketing and Partnerships Director, The Webby Awards
    Interests: Music. Technology. Food.
    Essential app: IF by IFTTT

    “You can customize automatic commands for your phone that turn on given a specific set of circumstances. You connect to your home Wi-Fi? IF turns off your phone lock. You post on Instagram? IF posts it to Twitter and links to your Instagram. So many options. I love it.”

  • READING: Longreads

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    Name: Jeff Zemetis | @jzems
    Role: Director of Creative Content, Webby Media Group
    Interests: Punk Rock records. Movies. Contemporary literature.
    Essential site: Longreads

    “I spend a decent amount of time on the subway. This is an invaluable source of intelligently curated articles that will keep me engaged with a story for more than a few minutes.”

  • READING: Pocket

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    Name: Emily Warren | @emilyhonora
    Role:  Managing Director, The Lovie Awards
    Interests: Parenting. Dance. Technology.
    Essential app: Pocket

    “Pocket is super essential to my life. The only time I have to read articles is on the subway, and saving things to Pocket for offline reading is THE BEST.”

  • READING: The New Yorker (app)

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    Name: Frankie Caracciolo | @Frank_Ignazio
    Role: Editor, The Webby Awards
    Interests: Reading. Writing. Hip-hop.
    Essential app: The New Yorker app

    “I’m loyal to print, but I’m more loyal to The New Yorker, whose eponymous app comes with digital exclusives like videos, slideshows, and readings.”

  • RETAIL: Poshmark

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    Name: Analee Campbell | @helloanalee
    Role: Assistant Producer, The Lovie Awards
    Interests: Makeup. Food. Karaoke.
    Essential app: Poshmark

    “Poshmark is one of the easiest and safest places to sell clothes, shoes, and accessories online.”

  • TEXTING: WhatsApp

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    Name: Claire Graves | @clairegraves
    Role: Managing Director, The Webby Awards
    Interests: Internet. Friends. Family.
    Essential app: WhatsApp

    “I have lived away from my family for almost two decades, and finally with WhatsApp we communicate on a daily basis and share videos and photos about what we’re doing.”

  • TRAVEL: Corner

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    Name: Michael Charboneau | @MLCharbs
    Role: Editor, Netted
    Interests: Writing. Travel. DIY projects.
    Essential app: Corner

    Booking flights online is a giant pain. Corner, on the other hand, makes it easy to sort through flights by price and destination, and book with a few taps.

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