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Guide • June 15, 2016

12 Tools for Being Your Own Boss

Stay organized and productive with these 12 tools for being your own boss
  • DocHub

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    You know what bosses do? They sign stuff. Get DocHub and link it up with your Google Drive and Dropbox accounts to annotate, edit, and share PDFs. You can also request signatures from others: Send them a link, and they can sign documents right on their phone. Who needs a pen or fax machine? Um, definitely not you.

  • Weebly

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    Listen up, Boss. You need a website. You could drop thousands of bucks having one made, or you could build one for a lot less than you spend on lunch each month with Weebly. With simple drag-and-drop tools, beautiful templates, and mobile apps for editing on the go, Weebly is your new secret weapon.

  • Negotiatus

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    You need patience, perseverance, and ambition to run a small business. You also need a ton of office supplies. From staplers to keyboards, Negotiatus will keep your office stocked for less: Submit the items you want to purchase, and they’ll negotiate a cheaper price for you. They take a 20% cut of the savings, and the rest gets passed on to you. Mmm, love those staples.

  • Teleport Sundial

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    Ah, the digital nomad life is great—traveling abroad, meeting new people, posting envy-inducing Instagrams. If your office is a coffee shop in a different city every week (or you work with people like that), Teleport Sundial is for you: See the availability of your team at a glance, so you know when to schedule calls and meeting times.

  • Pocketsuite

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    Here’s another thing that bosses do: They get paid. PocketSuite will help you make that happen. Use this service to manage your appointment calendar, chat with clients, send invoices, and even receive payments. It’ll automatically remind your clients to pay up, so you don’t have to resort to more drastic measures. Boss status achieved.

  • Pinstriped

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    Two of the most dreaded words in business: Standing meeting. Shudder. Make your gatherings less awful with Pinstriped, a Mac app for organizing and running meetings (it’s in closed beta right now, but you can sign up for their waitlist). Send out comprehensive meeting agendas, stay on track with a timer, assign action items, and send follow ups all from one place. World’s best boss? Oh, that’s you.

  • Teamplace

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    Whether you’re a team of two or twenty, keeping track of and sharing files is always a challenge. But with Teamplace you get unlimited, collaborative cloud storage for a lot less than you’d pay for competing services. Plus, with apps for iOS, Android, Amazon, Windows, and the web, your team will always have access to exactly what they need.

  • Timely

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    Time tracking is… annoying. But when you freelance or work for yourself it’s always top of mind. Schedule and log your hours simultaneously with Timely, an app that automatically logs calendar events as “time worked.” It also displays a live view of your revenue based on hours logged and rates for specific projects.

  • Workflow

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    Kings are always like “do this, do that.” Be the king of your own domain with Workflow, an iOS app that connects apps, allowing you to drag and drop any combination of actions to automate all sorts of things. For instance, you can add a home screen icon that calls your business partner in one click.

  • Officelovin

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    Working from your hand-me-down coffee table works just fine. It’s the rest of your unorganized home office that proves… distracting. Get inspired to rearrange, decorate, and get the most from your work space with Officelovin, a website dedicated to showcasing awesome tech, startup, and coworking office spaces.

  • FounderDating

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    Who’s your better half? If you’re looking for a right-hand man check out FounderDating. Sync up with your LinkedIn and register as an entrepreneur, cofounder, or advisor. Hook up with skilled and vetted professionals to help develop your next project.

  • Momenteo

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    You’re free! OK, you’re actually just a free-lancer. But that’s cool too! Use Momenteo to manage everything freelancer-money related. Send invoices, track expenses, manage and bill clients, and get insightful financial reports. At $20/month with unlimited one-on-one support, you can’t go wrong.

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